General Data Protection Regulations for JoStudy LTD

Consent for the use of personal data by JoStudy LTD

Under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation Act, JoStudy LTD requires your consent to use any personal data for the purpose of collecting and sharing data

1. What data will we collect?

  • Full name.
  • Address and postcode
  • Telephone number – landline and mobile
  • Email address
  • Age of student
  • Educational history of students
  • Flight details
  • Details of allergies, health issues, and disability of students
  • Contact details for an emergency contact
  • Records of students’ previous study with us.

2. Why do we need to collect this data?

For clients: To provide suitable lessons, home-stay accommodation, and activities for our students. To ensure the protection of your personal data and the safeguarding of our clients.

3. What data will be shared?

For clients: with hosts and teachers, if required and with your permission, accreditation inspectors. Details can be found in our Terms and Conditions Agreement.

4. How long we will retain your data?

We will retain your information until you inform us that you no longer want us to. You can opt out at any time and remind you of this on an annual basis.

5. Your Consent

Without your express permission, we cannot book courses for you.
We take your privacy seriously and with that in mind, please let us know if you wish to stop receiving emails from us. You can do this by sending a blank email with the heading ‘stop’ to

Our full GDPR documents can be accessed from the office, please ask for documents to be sent.

Please note, by signing our Terms and Conditions document you are agreeing for your children and/or yourself to be photographs and the photographs may be used in our publicity. If you wish us to not do so please email and we will make sure this does not happen. 

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