Winter Camps
(For individuals and groups)

Programme 2024
Course dates: 8th Jan – 3rd March
Accommodation: Homestay
Classes are divided according the age:
 * classes for 12-14 years old
 * classes for 15-17 years old

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Junior students are divided by ability into one of 5 levels from Beginner/Elementary to Advanced.

Maximum class sizes:
12 for 12-17 years old.

*for closed groups we can place up to 18 students per class

Classes allow students to quickly feel at home and become independent and confident speakers. Our aim is to increase confidence in spoken English and develop fluency as well as
provide enjoyable, useful and high quality programmes for students.
We teach structured and well-planned classes in which we include communication games, drama, debates, conversation and creative activities.

All the students are given a pre-course test and then orally tested at the beginning of the course and their progress is constantly monitored.

Lessons – topics each week

All our lessons are designed around different themes to give to the students an opportunity to develop their English skills in motivating and enjoyable ways. We have a topic for each week that ensures students do not repeat work and are always learning new vocabulary and grammar.

The lessons are organized to practise all four skills, develop grammar and expand knowledge of English but focus mainly on speaking and listening.
They offer an opportunity to learn about British culture and values, and are conducted in a natural and relaxing environment and adapted to the age and ability of all students.

Here are some of the main topics:

Music, Youth culture, famous people and drama

Media, cinema, television, radio, poetry and newspapers

Health, wealth and happiness

Space, planets, inventions, gadgets and discoveries

History and bygone times, customs

Sport, entertainment, leisure, occupations

Food-traditional and modern, health and nutrition, restaurants and menus

Nature, flowers, plants, seaside and countryside

Shopping, clothes, fashion and consumerism

Travel, transport, holidays and culture

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