Social Programme

Social Programme

At JoStudy English Academy we offer our students a fantastic social programme. We make sure you have every opportunity to socialise with your fellow students and enjoy a wonderful social life. 

Some students may opt for accommodation with an English host family whilst other students may choose the residence option.

Afternoon activities and excursions

Every Monday you will need to check the social programme and decide which activities you want to join.

Various activities are organised by our Social Manager such as sports competitions, visits to local museums and local trips

Evening activities

Each week there are at least two evening activities organised by the school. These may include games evenings, barbecues, sports activities, film nights, quizzes, wine and cheese evenings and many more.

*The majority of these activities are free but may in some cases be charged £1 – £15

Trips and escursions

Students can take part to the Saturday excursions organised by the school but they have to confirm their interest on Monday. 

Students can get the opportunity to visit London, Oxford, Birmingham and many other cities.

For any enquiry about our Social Programme

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